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Reporting to Temple's Administration

Victims may also file a complaint through Temple University administration. The university’s informal and formal procedures for filing a complaint are intended to afford a prompt response to charges of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual exploitation; to maintain confidentiality and fairness consistent with applicable legal requirements; and to impose appropriate sanctions on violators of this policy.

A victim who wishes to make a complaint through the student conduct process can consult with a victim advocate in Campus Safety Services, the Wellness Resources Center (215-240-8436), the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (215-204-6556), or the Sexual Assault Counseling and Education unit of Tuttleman Counseling Services (215-204-7276) for more information on what to expect in the conduct process and to receive support through that process.

Student conduct records are confidential student records and will not be released to the public except as required by law.

If the complainant would like to remain anonymous and does not consent to the disclosure of his or her name or other identifiable information to the accused, the university may be limited in its ability to take disciplinary action.

If the complainant still wishes to remain anonymous, the university will make every reasonable effort to abide by complainant’s wishes; however, the university is required to balance such a request with interest in protecting the safety of other members of the community. This decision will be made by the university’s Title IX Coordinator, the Executive Director of Campus Safety Services, and the Dean of Students, or their designees, in conjunction with the Office of University Counsel as well as any other necessary university offices. If the university proceeds with an investigation or other response, then the university will notify the complainant before the accused is contacted.